Efficient allocation for the transport of recyclable materials with Transport management system LP2

Industry: Recoverable waste transports & recycling
Städtler products: LP2, LPOnline, WebPublishing

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  • Organizing the transport of around 1,250,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year.
  • Cooperating with more than 650 external forwarders, partly based on fixed agreements, partly through tenders
  • More efficient transport order management and freight allocation process required, including ERP integration

  • Implementing a customized solution based on the transport management system LP2
  • Complete mapping of the freight allocation process, paperless and fully integrated into the ERP
  • Simplified communication with sorting facilities and forwarders as well as automatic tendering via auction

We use Städtler Logistik’s software’s web interface in two directions which allows us to cover the complete coordination process. The first step of the process is recording the freight. For this purpose, the connected sorting facilities and recycling plants report in LPOnline when there is a batch of a recycling fraction due for collection. The quantity specified in the web interface is directly registrered in LP2. In a second mask of LPOnline, SUEZ’s material flow managers then complete the shipment. This is where the consignee, pickup and delivery time slots are added.
Manfred Blauss, General Manager, SUEZ Service GmbH, formerly of SITA Service GmbH

Veolia Umweltservice GmbH is the number four private waste management company in Germany. The subsidiary Veolia Logistik Deutschland GmbH organizes the transport of around 1,250,000t of recyclables per year with more than 650 external transport service providers. The large amount of administrative work involved in assigning the transports demanded an efficient ERP-integrated software solution.

Recycling and the recovery of raw materials from waste is becoming increasingly important, with a growing level of attention and interest across Germany. As a subsidiary of Veolia Umweltservice GmbH, Veolia Logistik Deutschland GmbH organizes the transport of around 1,250,000 tons of recyclable materials per year between collection points and specialist recyclers, and relies on more than 650 external transport service providers.

Waste is sorted and recyclable materials are separated in state-of-the-art facilities, with recyclable materials separated again by type. The sorted materials are recycled to produce ready-to-use raw materials again. At Veolia, material flow managers then market the recyclable materials (such as plastics, glass, metal and paper) to industry partners. In addition, residual waste is fed to thermal generation plants, where energy is recovered.

In order to bring the materials to the corresponding plants, around 5,000 freight shipments are required each month. But how do you organize these pickups and transports? Until 2012 Veolia (formerly SITA/SUEZ) worked with an online platform for transport auctions. But the company learned they were missing a more extensive ERP integration - for more efficient processing. Their workflows still included laborious manual work and human intervention.

Manfred Blauss, is responsible for long-distance transport at Veolia Logistik Deutschland GmbH. From his time at the roofing system manufacturer Bauder, he had first-hand experience …

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