Always Find the Cheapest Tariff: It's So Simple with e-freight, Your Freight Database

In many companies, thousands of freight decisions are made on a daily basis. Additional inquiries come from various internal departments and locations requesting freight information needed for calculating project run times and sales prices. In light of the growing diversity in freight, carriers, destinations and forwarders, transparency is inevitably diminishing.

This can cost a company tens of thousands of euros every day. With e-freight, Städtler Logistik’s online freight database, that can't happen.
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Top Features of the Online Freight Database e-freight

e-freight – This Return on Investment Is Hard to Beat

Many companies make hundreds or even thousands of freight decisions every day. Of course, rigorous negotiations with forwarders take place in the first place. But then, when it comes to actual freight purchasing, the wrong tariff is often selected due to a lack of transparency. And even small price differences can quickly add up to large, avoidable sums.
Reducing logistics costs
In freight purchasing and all other departments throughout the company, the best valid tariff is selected every time. This lowers your logistics costs.

Less communication effort
All authorized staff can retrieve detailed freight information anywhere and anytime via web browser by entering general shipment data. Even employees who do not have specialized logistical knowledge can use the tool effortlessly. Time-consuming, frustrating inquiries by mail or phone are a thing of the past.

Minimizing integration costs
Modern web technology simplifies the integration of e-freight into your company’s IT infrastructure. Users access the tool via a web browser. Customers who use our freight management system LP2 or our simulation solution SCALA can use the tariff databases built up in the software tools in e-freight instantly.
Fast Return on Investment
For companies that make hundreds of freight decisions every day, e-freight pays for itself within a matter of weeks.

Support for Your Goals

With e-freight, Your Staff Will Always Find the Best Options

e-freight is a web-based freight database that contains all tariff contracts for diverse forwarders for a company. Freight information can be retrieved company-wide, or even across various companies and internationally (various locations, corporate groups, partners, etc.) via web browser. e-freight quickly and reliably determines valid forwarders and tariffs for each request, then sorts the results according to prices, run times or other criteria. A click on a result reveals tariff and charge details.


  • Forwarder selection: Users enter their requirements and e-freight then performs a transport assessment in real time. The user is presented with a sortable selection of valid tariffs and service providers.
  • Information system: e-freight provides freight purchasers and other specialist departments with a quick overview of their freight cost options. This information creates an ideal basis for quotations and sales negotiations without overwhelming logistics specialists with inquiries.
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What our Freight Database e-freight Offers


Modern Web Technologies That Are Customizable

The freight database e-freight is built on modern web and database technology. You can flexibly customize the user interface, its operation and the information output according to your needs.
Use of SCALA or LP2 as engine for the calculation
Secure, multi-tier architecture with access to existing databases
Available in multiple languages
Browser­based access/independent of client operating system

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»In a Europe-wide tendering process, we chose LP2 and use the software for our self-billing procedures. We were able to reduce manual labor to a minimum, as the highly efficient system makes importing and integrating all tariff variants, including Siemens’ own tariffs, remarkably simple.«

IT Information Services & Projects Manager, SIEMENS AG

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