Freight Auditing

The Smart Way to Lower Costs: Expert Freight Checking and Freight Auditing

Freight invoices are complex. Checking them is time-consuming and many audit departments are lacking in logistics expertise. Many companies only spot check their invoices – and miss out on a lot of money because of it. Freight auditing and invoice checking by Städtler makes it easy for you to achieve effective controlling and you will quickly benefit from lower costs.

Freight Auditing

Your Freight Auditing in the Best Possible Hands

We take care of your freight auditing—you can concentrate on your logistic challenges. Our experts …
… check your freight invoices from all carriers (CEP, surface, air, sea) .
… clear up any differences or ambiguities with carriers/forwarders.
… arrange for changes in case of incorrect invoices.
… allocate individual items and assign them to the appropriate freight payer.
… carry out freight releases and possibly booking of the freight in the purchaser's system.
… create booking documents.
… offer freight controlling: revealing statistics, evaluations and key figures.
… create transparency about freight costs and shipment structure.

Invoice Checking

Your Benefit: Our Experts Are Ready to Take Over for You

We design our freight checking/freight auditing services individually according to our customer’s needs. If you regularly employ multiple forwarders, have transport orders that amount to more than one million euro per year and employ more than one type of transport (LCL, LTL/FTL, air, sea, etc.), outsourcing freight checking will pay for itself in a very short time.
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Freight Controlling

We Create an Optimal Basis for You

We offer freight checking and freight auditing services based on the rates your company has arranged with its logistics partners. But what if these arrange­ments don’t work to your advantage or are not in line with the market? We develop freight controlling systems that create added value and give you better control.

Transparency about costs and services in logistics

Service provider assessment and benchmarks

Logistic key figure systems

Tendering for logistic services

Early warning indicators for controlling logistic processes

Foundation for strategic decisions for warehousing and transport

Information regarding industry-specific cost drivers

Parameters for controlling and monitoring service providers
Together, we develop the goals and scope of a freight con­trolling that is worthy of its name. Our experts explain the development of key figures and draft measures to minimize costs and risks. We use comparison data from our own, comprehensive tariff database with national and inter­na­tion­al freight rates for benchmarks.

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Software Solutions

High-Performance Technologies for Successful Freight Auditing

Outsourcing your freight checking/freight auditing to our company ensures not only the benefits of our many years of experience in logistics, but you also profit from our market-leading software systems for transport logistics. For freight checking/freight auditing, we use our freight management software LP2, supplemented by the analysis tool SP2.


  • Manual entry of shipment and invoice data
  • Automated data interface, if needed
  • Fully automated: electronic invoice checking with InvoiceMatching
  • Import into your ERP or accounting department is possible
  • Extended analyses like benchmarking, evaluations and simulations for tendering procedures, key figures, shipment structure analysis, and other reports
  • Optional delivery of the audited invoice data into existing ERP/accounting systems
LP2 is the leading transport management software for manufacturing companies. This specialist software for shipping and freight management also includes freight calculation and invoicing. Take advantage of these benefits.

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Credit Note Procedure

There Is Another Way: The Credit Note Procedure

Credit note procedures are, in many cases, a more efficient alternative to traditional forwarder invoicing (and the associated invoice checking). You can out­source the entire process to us.

We import your shipment data (electronic or in paper form), tariffs and credit note data into our LP2 and de­liv­er the data you need to create your credit notes (elec­tron­ically, directly into your ERP/your accounting) and take care of claim management.

Your advantage: Invoice/credit note checking is now up to the logistics service provider!
Our range of services:

  • Creation and archiving of freight documents
  • Calculation and invoicing of freight costs
  • Creation of credit notes
  • Creation of invoices for purchasers (if necessary)
  • Creation of detailed statistics regarding transport events
  • Communication with forwarders
  • Printing and sending of credit notes, and invoices, if any, with your corporate design

Experience and Method

How we take over your invoice verification step by step

You can expect the following procedure:

We check freight worth over one billion euro per year

Freight auditing, invoice checking, credit note procedure and freight controlling – with our unrivalled experience and unique method.
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