LP2: Software for Transport Management, Dispatch Handling & Freight Invoicing

Comprehensive, Decisive, Market-Leading – Your Transport Management Software LP2

Successfully used in many industries and companies: LP2, the comprehensive transport management software, is specialized for dispatch handling and freight management, including freight calculation and invoicing. LP2 is the market-leading transport management system (TMS) for manufacturing companies and sets industry standards in terms of performance, configurability and technology.

Top Features for Dispatch Handling

LP2 Transport Management Software – Provides Advantages That Pay Off Quickly for Your Dispatch Management:

Support for Your Goals

Managing Transports with LP2 – Our Transport Management Tool That Will Make Your Dispatch Handling & Transport Logistics Even More Efficient

Dispatch modes, transport volume, national and international locations and destinations, carriers, logistics partners, freight cost calculation, supervision: Your company’s logistics are as unique as a fingerprint. With its configurable, high-performance modules, LP2 can be adjusted to fit your logistics processes and special features perfectly. Your company’s double benefit:

The transport management software LP2 supports your unique logistics processes and, at the same time, your company profits from the stability, short project run times and the future-proof design of a market-leading software solution.

  • You will improve the efficiency of your operative shipping logistics
  • You can automate processes like credit note procedures, freight cost calculation and freight checking
  • Lean web clients allow you to effectively integrate departments, remote locations and partners
  • You will easily and comprehensively manage tactical and strategic transport tenders
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Professional Invoicing

Freight Cost Calculation and Freight Cost ControllingLP2 Ensures Transparency in Your Logistics Costs

LP2 masterfully handles tariffs with various structures from different service providers and carriers, variable cost factors, surcharges and special conditions. This makes this transport management software the ideal foundation for professional invoice checking, and provides transparency and efficiency in credit note procedures for all carriers, service providers and cost centers.
Parallel freight calculation for various invoicing partners with freely definable conditions

Freight cost optimization for transport invoicing

Automatic suggestion of the cheapest service provider according to the destination zone, dispatch mode, and other criteria

Unlimited zone networks

Automatic mapping with shipments/transport

Rule-based tariff structure

Manual spot prices, conversions, observance of bulkiness, scale comparisons, accumulation, mini­mum and max­i­mum values, and many more

Fully automated credit note procedures, even with 'multi-sourcing'

Distance module control via distance rules

Checking of individual invoice items
Straightforward input and modification of even the most complex tariffs

Invoicing of multi-modal transports with several service providers

Integration of various distance modules (also for calculation of toll kilometers)

Fully-automatic import of invoice data via interface

Release or rejection of items based on various criteria, such as transport mode, country, service provider, tariff, currency
Calculation and invoicing of all carriers (air, sea, surface, CEP, etc.)

Freight cost reallocation on various levels and with various parameters, down to item level

Extensive statistics

Semi-automatic import of invoice data (e.g., freight invoices in Excel)

Claims processing with requests for credit notes/invoices

Expand LP2’s offerings and discover powerful add-on modules and options:

Enter orders remotely by using the web application LPOnline. Master tactical and strategic tenders with WebPublishing or TenderingPortal.
And keep track of your business thanks to evaluations, key figures and key performance indicators (KPI) provided by our statistics and controlling tool SP2.

Technology That Can Be Fully Integrated

State-Of-The-Art Technologies Seamlessly Integrated into Your IT Environment

The transport management software LP2 is a client-server solution for Windows that can be implemented in all modern relational databases. LP2 can be easily integrated in your existing IT environment, uses current options for electronic and/or web-based communication with various departments, locations, logistics partners, clients or customs. Its configurability and sophisticated technology make LP2 a future-proof solution that can be adjusted to fit any company’s requirements:

LPOnline: The Web Client

The High-Performance, Fully Digital LP2 Web Client for Entering Orders and Transaction Data

Suppliers register goods for pickup, company departments want to book transport, or clients want to return transport containers/racks used to deliver their goods: Typically, in all of these cases, the phone would ring, someone would need to enter the details manually into the system, your logisticians’ time would be tied up and most of these requests involve a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Make it easier with LPOnline: use our modern web technology in a high-performance web client add-on complementing our leading transport management system LP2.

Your advantages:

  • Entry of external transaction data and transport queries: suppliers, departments, other locations, transport container pickup, etc.
  • Configurable, structured request entry with all important, schedule-related information (mandatory fields/completion checks)
  • High level of transparency while communication effort is considerably reduced
  • Increased service quality towards inquiring parties
  • LPOnline is completely integrated in LP2, there are no special scheduling processes: You can see inquiries from LPOnline in LP2 and schedule and trace them like any other transport (including combined shipping, multi-modal transports, etc.)
  • Browser-based operation: No extra LP2 licenses are needed for connecting various locations and departments
  • Minimal effort for your IT department
  • Automated responses: Order status (acceptance, scheduling, transport status) is available in real-time to the inquirer
  • Customization options available – for example cost approval/
    allocation of costs to cost centers
  • Displayed in your company’s corporate design


Allocation of recyclable material transport with the transport management system LP2 for SUEZ

In a record time of only three months, Städtler Logistik implemented a customized solution based on the transport management system LP2.


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»In a Europe-wide tendering process, we chose LP2 and use the software for our self-billing procedures. We were able to reduce manual labor to a minimum, as the highly efficient system makes importing and integrating all tariff variants, including Siemens’ own tariffs, remarkably simple.«

IT Information Services & Projects Manager, SIEMENS AG

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