Operative and Strategic Logistics Tendering

More Targeted Partner Selection and More Cost-Efficient Execution thanks to Strategic and Operative Tendering

Selecting the right logistics service provider is one of the central tasks logistic managers have to accomplish. This applies equally for operative tenders of individual transport and for strategic logistics tenders, in which master agreements and tariffs are negotiated with logistics partners and service providers.

Our logistics and software experts have developed modern, web-based solutions that drastically reduce administrative and communication effort – and thus the costs – for all forms of tenders for logistics services.


Reduce Your Administrative, Communication and Financial Investment – and Relieve Your Logistics Managers Significantly

Find the right logistics service provider by using our solutions to create transparency and comparability in strategic logistics tenders.

Based on your company’s historical or extrapolated freight volume data, we simulate the effects of new bids, identify weak points and cost driving items in the bidders’ tariffs and strengthen your negotiating position with reliable, detailed bid comparisons.

You can see at a glance which bidder provides the best terms for specific distances, destinations, carriers, weight classes or extra services ('cherry picking').

Operative Tenders

Improve Your Process Efficiency in Operative Logistics Tenders and Auctions with Web-Based Freight Awarding

The goal of operative tenders is clear: You need to quickly and conveniently receive up-to-date bids for individual transport orders. And you want to award each order to the best partner while investing minimal time and effort.

Our solution for operative tenders and freight awarding is WebPublishing.

WebPublishing is an add-on to our transport management system LP2. You are working in LP2 and your requests and tenders are automatically published online to a handpicked selection of your logistics partners (according to carriers, destinations, locations, etc.). These partners get to access the WebPublishing portal via a log-in and can bid on the jobs you publish.

The web auction is the core of the solution, but not its only benefit. You can also use WebPublishing to assign transport to specific forwarders (awarding) and establish a central portal for all of your communication with your logistics partners. You can request transport, upload all related shipping documents and keep track of status information (track & trace) for each order. This way, you keep inquiries and phone calls to a minimum.

WebPublishing auctions off transports to selected forwarders (freight exchange)
Your portal provides transparency about market-driven prices by ensuring effective comparability of the bids
Phone calls with customers are substantially reduced, and work processes become simpler and more efficient due to fast data exchange
Track & Trace: Delivery confirmations can be recorded per delivery
Freight documents can be printed locally via the web interface

Strategic Logistics Tendering

Städtler Logistik Solutions Provide Clear, Valuable Advantages for Strategic Logistics Tendering and Tender Management:

Large companies use strategic tenders to award contracts for yearly volumes and contract business for their different locations. These tenders involve large sums of money, and contracts are awarded in a careful, multi-level process that takes several weeks.

Software solutions from Städtler Logistik support companies extensively in managing their strategic logistics tenders (tender management). This includes preparing documents, structured bid collection, well-grounded bid comparison via simulations, easy import of final tariff contracts into the transport management system LP2 and all communication throughout the tendering process.
Our solutions are composed of the perfect combination of two software components:
TenderingPortal is used for all web-based communication with the bidders, and our simulation and analysis tool SCALA for an informed bid comparison based on extrapolations of historical data. Analysis with SCALA enables you to recognize the critical parts of each tariff that must be addressed in negotiations.

Do you only have a few strategic tenders per year?
We offer an alternative to purchasing your own software: tender management as a service by Städtler Logistik.
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  • Structured, comprehensible document and information exchange
  • Complete representation of multi-level tendering processes
  • Structured collection / automatic checks for completeness of documents
  • Validation of Excel files uploaded by the service providers using predefined plausibility checks
  • Monitoring of all dates and deadlines
  • Improved communication between buyer and bidder
  • Transparency of tender / negotiation status
  • You can clearly compare even the most complex tariffs in the simulation tool SCALA and create various scenarios for freight cost analysis and later evaluation.

Our Software Solutions

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