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TRAMPAS meets even the most extreme requirements – from optimized routing & scheduling that takes into consideration multiple restrictions (vehicle, routes/tours, times, client specifi­cations, loading, container management, client-driver relation­ships) to automation of complex, heterogeneous logistics processes.
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The All-In-One Software Solution for Future-Proof Routing & Scheduling

Städtler Logistik’s development concept is simple: We build custom requirements into the standard software to make them readily available to all of our customers. This strategy has made the routing & scheduling software TRAMPAS the most powerful solution that allows schedulers to quickly, easily and reliably solve even the most complex routing & scheduling tasks. Because even automatically created tours can be changed manually at any time, schedulers can react quickly and flexibly even if surprises occur.
Your benefit:

Flexible adaptations to your system via modules

If your individual processes require additional functions, we offer custom modifications and extensions. Learn more  ›

  • Automatic combination of orders into tours
  • Consideration of scheduling and client restrictions (e.g., capacities, times, delivery specifications, vehicle char­ac­teristics, combined loading or regional restrictions)
  • Toll calculation/observance of holidays (throughout Europe)
  • Comprehensive driver and vehicle management including planning table
  • Automatic capacity check (weight, volume, number of trans­port units)
  • Digital world map for route display (lasso function, context-sensitive information)
  • Notification and document generating for printing, e-mail and fax, either triggered automatically by definable events or manually
  • Manual tour changes with drag & drop techniques
  • Customizable: views, processes/automation, forms, tables, interfaces
  • Archiving/provision of scheduling data for control and statistical evaluations
  • Multi-client capability, multilingual
  • Simulations of tour optimizations
  • Script language enables automation and reduces required effort for repetitive tasks
  • Configurable interfaces (XML, CSV, database tables, web services, etc.)


Technologically tailored to your requirements on routing & scheduling software

TRAMPAS routing & scheduling is a modern, future-proof client-server solution for Windows environments that can be based on all modern relational databases.The software is easy to integrate into existing IT landscapes and company-specific processes can be optimally supported via flexible configurations.
Open database model – customizable
Customizable masks and list views
Object-oriented programming with C++, C#
Automation through various server processes, e.g. for archiving, cyclical statistics, etc.
Multilingual: (German, English, French and Polish, amongst others)
Connection of relational database systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2
Flexible interfaces (XML, CSV, database tables, web services, etc.) for input and output, analysis, evaluation, etc.
Microsoft Excel export of all data and statistics: flexible data compilation and configuration
Numerous modules with industry-specific additional functionalities
Modular system structure and numerous web modules
Compatible with CITRIX, Microsoft Terminal Services
Clients for current Windows versions


Taking Your Routing & Scheduling Processes to the Next Level With Integrations

Routing & scheduling in TRAMPAS can be enhanced using add-on modules that cover various industry and company-specific operations:

Company-specific features:
Industry-specific features:

TRAMPAS Web Client

Order Entry Anytime, Anywhere with the TRAMPAS Web Client

Would you like to be able to easily integrate external orders in your scheduling software and include them in routing & scheduling of your vehicles (own fleet or external vehicles) without additional processes? Then TRAMPAS web client is the right solution for you.

Various web-portal solutions:

  • Resource pre-checking (time slots and transport special equipment) for sales
  • Decentralized online order entry/maintenance, for example for non-ERP processes or completely without leading ERP system
  • Ramp management ('dock management') and entry control visually supplements the included consideration of ramp occupancy in the (automatic) planning and the direct status change
  • Order postprocessing/order completion in the warehouse/goods issue, e.g., for recording loading devices/transport aids
  • Team tour view, e.g., as an overview of the daily/weekly schedule for teams

Shippers want to report goods for pickup, other departments or branches of your company require transport capacities, or your clients would like to return transport and storage racks – all of these options are easily possible, with little communication effort. External orders can be entered via web browser. TRAMPAS web client ensures that all information required for your routing & scheduling are entered completely, from the very first request.

Simplify routing & scheduling of external orders – use TRAMPAS web client as a high performance supplement.
Your advantages:

  • External transport order entry: shippers, departments, other branches, transport container pickup, etc.
  • Configurable, structured request entry with all information required for scheduling (mandatory fields, completeness checks)
  • High level of transparency, significantly lower communication effort
  • Increased service quality for the inquiring party
  • Completely integrated in TRAMPAS, elimination of special processes in routing & scheduling. Requests from TRAMPAS web client appear in the TRAMPAS DispoBox and can be scheduled flexibly
  • Browser-based use: Connection of various branches and departments without additional TRAMPAS licenses
  • Minimal IT investment
  • Optional confirmation: order status (acceptance, scheduling, transport status) can be viewed by the inquirer
  • Displayed in your company’s corporate design
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