Interim Logistics Management

Conquer Resource Bottlenecks with Pros: Interim Management for Your Logistics

You suddenly need a replacement for your logistics manager? Or your staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to complete tasks well?

This kind of surprise holds huge risks and requires fast, professional reactions. Our logistics consultants offer the solution: interim management by Städtler Logistik.
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Thanks to Our Practical Experience and Highly Target-Orientated Approach, We Can Start Our Work at Your Company at a Moment’s Notice

Our senior consultants are on site whenever you need management capacity or competent, efficient coordination of important projects. This is a double benefit for your company: Acute capacity and competence gaps are filled, and at the same time, we transfer knowledge to your company during the interim management.

Our logistics managers quickly gain an overview of the strategies, personnel and requirements in your logistics. No matter whether you need help in warehousing or transport logistics, our staff is used to working at the roots of dispatch and handling.
OEmploying one of our interim managers can be motivated by insufficient resources or expertise in:
Specific tasks
Specific projects
Your company profits from our interim managers’ experience and combines the benefit of overcoming a temporary resource bottleneck and gaining an outside perspective.

This enables you to positively implement project experience we’ve gathered from other companies into your company. Get in touch now  ›

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Interim Management Services

Freedom of Choice about the Scope of Services We Provide during Our Interim Activity at Your Company

You determine the range of tasks – from temporary management of the logistics department or supply chain to project-related tasks in the area of logistics. You decide on which days our staff supports you on site at your location.

Examples of our services in interim and project management:
Readjustment of external logistics
Process optimization and intralogistics optimization
Minimization of frictional losses between production, acquisition and logistics
Introduction of new shift and working models
Implementation of logistics expense budgeting
Introduction of new technologies in warehousing and shipping
Improvement of packaging to optimize sea and air freight, as well as parcel service prices

Our Software Solutions

Proven Technologies & Software to Efficiently Increase The Performance of Your Logistics

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