Transport Management

Efficiency in Every Area:
Intelligent Transport Management

You contract out freight orders to transport service providers? You want to efficiently automate dispatch handling? You aim for simplified accounting via credit notes?

With our transport management system (TMS) LP2, you will optimize your transports, lower your freight costs and increase the quality of your logistics. One of the best performing, most flexible software solutions on the market, tried and tested through millions of transports.

Dispatch Handling

Rely on a Tried and Tested, Customizable System for Your Entire Transport Chain

Ensure transparency and efficiency throughout the organization and assignment of all kinds of shipments through:

Freight Calculation

Master Complex Processes with Ease: Freight Calculation for Various Scenarios

Calculate freight costs simultaneously for different partners with various charges, based on individual tariffs. Effortlessly calculate multimodal transport with multiple service providers.

Transport management system LP2 allows you to reallocate freight costs easily and efficiently within your organization – on different levels and with any parameters – all the way down to item level.
Automatic suggestion of the cheapest service provider according to the destination zone, dispatch mode, and/or other criteria

Fully automated credit note procedures, even with 'multi-sourcing'

Manual spot prices, con­ver­sions, observance of bulki­ness, scale comp­ar­isons, ac­cu­mulations, mini­mum and maximum values, etc.

Extensive statistics
Calculation and invoicing of all carriers (air, sea, surface, CEP, etc.)

Integration of various distance modules (also for calculating toll kilometers)
Freight cost optimization for transport invoicing

Unlimited zone networks

Credit Note Procedure

Reduce Your Administrative Effort and Create Efficient Invoicing Methods

LP2: The Transport Management System
Get to know LP2, the transport management software that sets standards. Learn more now  ›
Automated credit note procedures significantly reduce administrative effort. Städtler transport management systems were the first systems in Germany to use software to manage credit note procedures in logistics. Today, credit note pro­cedures are the efficient standard for invoicing between purchasing companies and logistics service providers.

But the transport management system LP2 offers much more: Transport costs are automatically booked to the correct cost centers in the company with reference to the orders. Credit note data is sent to logistics service providers electronically via standardized interfaces. These features further reduce administrative efforts in checking and bookkeeping.
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Invoice Checking

InvoiceMatching for Systematic Freight Controlling

Freight invoices are complex. Countless surcharges, special conditions and diverse tariffs often result in incorrect freight cost calculation by transport service providers. Freight cost control is equally complex. Spot testing invoices does not provide adequate security and inflates costs.

The transport management system LP2 and its add-on InvoiceMatching allow you to establish systematic invoice checking – with maximum efficiency and reliability.

In InvoiceMatching, LP2 first calculates the exact cost of the shipments, taking into consideration bundling and multimodal transports, and allocating the costs proportionately to each logistics partner. These cost calculations are saved and later automatically matched against the inbound invoice data or the requested credit note for the service provider.

Your accounting control can then focus on dealing with any differences discovered in the matching. You can set deviation tolerances per item with absolute and/or percent values.
What InvoiceMatching has to offer:

  • Fully automatic import of invoice data via interface
  • Semi-automatic import of invoice data (e.g., freight invoices in Excel)
  • Automatic mapping of invoice data to shipments and transports
  • Checking of transport status upon receiving the invoice
  • Checking of individual invoice items
  • Clearing or rejection of items based on various criteria
  • Claims processing with requests for corrected credit notes or invoices

Tariff Information

Tariff Information Tool e-freightWeb-Based and Company-Wide

Our transport management system determines the cheapest forwarder for each order and provides this information to the scheduling de­part­ment. This often isn’t enough in day-to-day business. Other depart­ments – like sales, for example – must also take freight costs into account in their calculations.

The efficient tariff information tool by Städtler Logistik is called e-freight. Via e-freight, authorized staff throughout the entire company can access the service provider and tariff database via intranet or internet, and use the information to calculate reliable costs for their transport orders.

In addition to the tariffs, e-freight can store contact details, country restrictions, and more. This even makes it possible for holiday replacements and new staff to reliably calculate the cheapest transport offer.

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The tariff information tool e-freight offers:

  • Simple querying of freight costs by entering shipment data in the web browser – logistics expertise is not required
  • Range and level of detail of results are freely configurable
  • Automatic pre-selection of service provider according to destination area, dispatch mode, and other criteria
  • Comparison of logistics costs for different modes of transport and service types (e.g., express, delivery by 10 a.m., etc.)
  • Freight calculation can be executed in any currency: conversion of the charge currency to current rate of your company currency
  • Integration of various distance modules with the option for interactive location search
  • Delivers detailed resultsespecially important for invoice checking

Online Order Entry

Reduce Errors and Effort with Decentralized Order Entry in LPOnline

LPOnline: The Online Order Entry Tool

Learn more about LPOnline, the tool for decen­tral­ized order entry via the web. This high-perfor­mance web client add-on perfectly complements our leading transport management system LP2. This prevents continual phone calls to your company's logistics centre. Learn more  ›
Does a central or regional scheduler receive orders from various geographically separate sources (within your company)?

Then LPOnline is just what you need: our solution for decentralized, web-based order entry. By using this tool, internal purchasers and external trade and sales partners can place transport orders which are then scheduled centrally.

The direct interface to the transport management system LP2 reduces entry effort and error sources. The application design and data entry interfaces can be customized according to the requirements of your company.

Ramp Control

Avoid Waiting Times and Chaos During Delivery

Fluctuation in capacity usage results in inefficiency, including vehicle arrivals and departures. Our tip: Smooth out the capacity usage of your ramps and gates by controlling delivery and pickup traffic.

GateScheduler is our smart software solution for this. The principle of the GateScheduler is simple: Logistics service providers can book slots for their ramps and gates in the web-based tool.

This benefits both parties: On your side, your workload is lessened and chaos and error rates on the ramps are reduced. Your service providers no longer have to wait in line, but can better plan their dispatch times and down times.
How ramp control with GateScheduler works

The expected transport is entered into a web portal by LP2. After logging in with a username and password, the service provider can view their transport in the portal and book their deliveries or pickups with their vehicles into vacant time slots.

The range of functions of ramp control:

  • Manage unlimited locations and gates
  • Length of time slots can be set per gate and time (depending on available personnel capacity or goods type)
  • Customizable layout – GateScheduler will have your corporate design
  • Automatic updatesall changes are transparent
  • Enables evaluations and optimizations through collecting and analyzing actual arrival and departure times
  • Rebooking transport
  • External transport (outside of LP2) can be booked as well

Web-Based Order Awarding

Extremely Efficient: Web-Based Order Placement with Logistics Partners and Service Providers

Do you regularly award orders for specific transports or destinations to a defined group of transport service providers? Although these orders may be standardized by tariff, each one involves separate requests and communications.

It can be so much easier for you: with the web-based solution WebPublishing, created by our logistics experts. Each of your logistics partners is connected to WebPublishing without any major IT inte­gra­tion effort, can view the transport orders entered for him and accept them based on the agreed rates with a simple click.
WebPublishing: One tool that fulfills three important functions:

Freight awarding
You can send transport requests to specific forwarders and award them directly. Simple and via the web, reducing organization and communication effort.

Freight exchange
With WebPublishing, you establish your company’s own freight exchange to which you can invite selected service providers to bid on transport orders. Thus you will lower logistics costs.

Central communication portal
Request transport services, award orders, store freight documents, status notifications/track & trace functions – all of this can be taken care of in WebPublishing easily, conveniently, and with little communication effort.
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Freight Cost Analysis

Become Even Better thanks to Statistics and Controlling with Clear Data Analyses

SP2: The Analysis Tool for the TMS LP2
SP2, our highly specialized solution that supple­ments our transport management system LP2 with statistics and controlling features. This tool provides you with valuable possibilities to ana­lyze the data collected in your operative logistics to further optimize your logistics processes.
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LP2 is not only the market leading software for transport management. Without any additional effort, data for tenders, tariffs, orders, costs, etc. is accumulated and stored in this tool. This data is extremely valuable for the analysis and optimization of freight costs and logistic performance.

That’s why we offer the highly specialized analysis tool SP2 as a supplement to LP2. SP2 not only allows you to analyze transports and costs in detail, but also to con­tinuously calculate and retrieve company-specific logistic KPIs (key per­for­mance indicators), and integrate them in automatic reporting. Visualization of the data occurs in table form, or in maps stored in the system for a better overview.

Supplier Integration

Control the Inbound Process Chain with OrderPortal

OrderPortal is a component of our transport management software LP2 that allows you to completely integrate the suppliers into the inbound process chain.

Here are the steps of the supplier integration, including packing of the goods to be delivered, label-printing, and assigning forwarders:

Invoice Mediation

BillingPortal: The Mediation Portal for Self-Billing and Incoming Invoices

  • BillingPortal is an add-on module to our leading freight solution LP2. It begins the process after creation of a self-bill, right before it is sent and booked.
  • Now a service provider can check the pre-invoice. At this point, the VAT obligation and the payment duty have not started yet.
  • The business partner can validate the process or submit corrections which the issuer will verify and confirm or reject.
  • BillingPortal is a multilingual system that is work­ing worldwide, especially in countries that forbid self-billing or in which self-billing is unusual.
  • Multiple departments can verify and confirm the correctness of incoming invoices.
  • BillingPortal can show detailed statistics and useful analytics.
Freight calculation
In LP2, you calculate the freight for transport and shipments. There are various methods to do this, which you can also use in combination. For example, you can manually calculate within the transport or shipment, calculate hundreds of trans­actional objects by using a query (inquiry), or calculate fully automatically in the background via the job management of the freight server.

Voucher creation
After the calculation, so-called freight vouchers are created. There are various methods available in LP2 for creating a freight voucher, e.g., from the transport result or shipment result, or you create an empty freight voucher and then drag and drop the items onto the voucher using a query.

Freight checking
Now the service provider can be automatically informed by the system that a new voucher is available for checking. The service provider can view the voucher, accept it or reject it. When doing this, they can see every single cost element with its calculation bases and also download them via Excel to electronically check the credit advice.

When the service provider is finished with the check, they close the voucher. When the voucher is completely accepted by the service provider, it will be printed and posted again and definitively.

Statistics and analyses
A wide range of analyses is available for internal and external purposes. The aim is to represent all relevant data in a transparent and self-explanatory way.

You can analyze the data interactively using the Cube module or use the static but predefined dashboards for a quick overview.
From an external point of view, any modern browser is supported as a front-end.

In the DMZ, the website adapted to the Corporate Identity is hosted on the web server provided to Städtler Logistik. The data is for­ward­ed to the database via a broker. This ensures maximum security and the data is available in both directions in real time.

Dispatchers usually use our extensive and flexible system LP2 to automate their work as much as possible.

The Smart Client LP2 is used as a Windows application in the spe­cial­ist department. Website access for internal personnel is possible, but not required.

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»Thanks to LP2’s web interfaces, we have been able to substantially simplify our entire communication with sorting facilities and transport service providers. Together with Städtler Logistik, we established con­sistent IT-supported processes that are largely automated. Moreover, we benefit from prices in line with the market through the auctions.«

General Manager Veolia Logistik Germany

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