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Do you transport goods using your own vehicle fleet or schedule external vehicles? Is it your operative responsibility to bundle trans­port orders optimally, schedule them to employees and vehicles and account for delivery dates and other restrictions on the tours?

You know that without using smart logistics software, these tasks cannot be managed efficiently. Do not waste your money—score points instead in dependability and customer satisfaction and lower your costs efficiently.

Turn your transport logistics into a competitive advantage.

Overview Routing & Scheduling and Tour Optimization

Powerful Digital Solutions – This Is How Efficient Routing & Scheduling Is Done Today

Based on incoming orders, the routing & scheduling software TRAMPAS delivers optimized tour suggestions for your vehicle fleet. You determine which and how many restrictions should be taken into account in the optimization:

Bottleneck Planning and Just-In-Time Planning

Optimal Control of Your Requirements for Reliable, Trouble-Free Just-In-Time Processes

TRAMPAS supports production-related logistics scheduling for storage-space-saving, just-in-time processing in the contract manufacturing industry.

Production requirements and capacities are taken into account in transport scheduling, any conflicts are visually displayed, and the dispatcher can either adjust routes directly in TRAMPAS, change lead times and thus individual production specifications, or influence production to trigger on-time provision via organizational measures.

The planning results are then typically sent to production planning systems (PPS) for detailed further processing.

Driver Assignment Scheduling & Vehicle Fleet Management

Your Drivers, Vehicles and Routing & Scheduling: Keep Everything Under Control for an Efficient Workflow

Routing & scheduling heavily depends on up-to-date information regarding driver and vehicle availability. The logistics tool TRAMPAS offers even more: It allows you to conveniently maintain driver availability and to easily record and book vehicles. All of these are clearly visualized in a digital driver assignment planning table (Gantt-Chart).

Optional: TRAMPAS also integrates comprehensive vehicle fleet management. Here, you can not only store scheduling-relevant vehicle characteristics (load capacity, equipment), but all data regarding service, wear, damage, body shop appointments and general inspection are recorded as well.

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Maximum Efficiency through Optimal Transparency – Transform Your Routing & Scheduling into a Digital Logistics Control Center

Legal requirements, customer conditions, improved competitive power – many companies today depend on seamless monitoring and extensive documentation of their transports.

Connection to a telematics system transforms routing & scheduling in TRAMPAS into a logistics control center. The main advantage of our solution: We offer you a free choice of your telematics hardware and software. We will connect your preferred telematics solution to our routing & scheduling via interface:

  • Installations of the vehicle manufacturer ex works (e.g., Daimler Fleetboard)
  • Retrofit solutions (e.g., Idem Telematics, WebFleet)
  • Pure app solutions for smartphones (e.g., Habbl, TIS, Trimble)
  • Generic data exchange portals for heterogeneous system landscapes, especially when using different transport service providers (e.g., Conizi, Loge­nios)
Telematics: Transparency makes your logistics more agile.

Win by integrating telematics into your routing & scheduling: You maintain a constant overview of your vehicles. Thanks to vehicle locating via GPS and deviance recognition, the system automatically reports any deviation from planned tours via the on-board computer.

Integrating telematics solutions makes order processing more efficient: Not only communication between drivers and dispatchers is improved, but events are also documented automatically and available to dispatchers in real time: Thus they can take them into account in further scheduling and customer communication.

Customers can be informed about delivery delays in a timely manner. Paper document exchange and time-consuming telephone calls with drivers are eliminated thanks to:

  • Status information
  • Digital signature ("Sign-on-glass")
  • Photo documentation
  • Loading/unloading scans
  • Entering pooling/dedicated loading devices

Connection of Loading & Unloading Scan

Achieving a Higher Quality despite Increasing Quantities – Only Possible with a Digitized Workflow Solution


Companies use load scanning to ensure the quality of logistics processes, optimizes the flow of goods and (partially) automate logistics claim processing. The routing & scheduling software TRAMPAS supports this process and provides appropriate interfaces. How exactly?
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TRAMPAS integrates scanning systems in the back office for mapping integrated, end-to-end processes:

Scanning packages during loading and again during unloading enables efficient, convenient checks for order completion. If a package is missing during delivery or is damaged, an appropriate message can be sent instantly via telematics to the scheduler or claims management. Depending on the customer’s preference, subsequent delivery or production orders can be requested automatically.

Another advantage: You can trigger immediate invoicing with the unloading scan and an electronic signature confirmation from the customer. Especially if you have a larger vehicle fleet and multi-day tours, this brings an effective relief in the company’s cash flow.

Loading Devices – Racks – Containers

Special Software Solutions for Special Requirements

Many industries and companies are dependent on special loading devices for logistics. Most software products reach their limits in this area and prevent systematic tracking of pallets, loading devices, racks, containers, etc.

TRAMPAS can manage any assistive devices and track their movements. The trading module even allows the dispatcher to plan on this level.
The advantages:

  • Management of various types of loading devices (pallets, dollies, thermal boxes, pallet cages, racks, containers, etc.)
  • Recording of individually identifiable devices and dedicated tracking via scan connection
  • Observance of load capacities and conversion of different types
  • Planning down to the transport equipment level in the trading module
  • Systematic collection, tracking, reminder/reminder for reporting pickup readiness/account balancing (up to settlement)
  • Return transport/container receiving inspection

These functionalities make TRAMPAS the ideal solution for companies and industries that use reusable containers and racks in their logistics and want to manage these efficiently.

Integration / Interfaces

Simple Connection to Other Systems for an Ideal Flow of Information

Modern route planning and scheduling is not an isolated process of a few logistics managers. Communication with specialist departments and internal clients as well as the flow of information with customers and, if necessary, transport service providers must be integrated.

Due to configurable workflows and a free data mapping, TRAMPAS ensures the optimal information flow via different interface tech­nologies for the connection of further systems:

  • CSV files
  • Files with a fixed field length
  • XML files
  • ODBC data sources
  • Web services
This means that routing & scheduling can operate as the central control center for logistics and that you can also use it strategically for transport controlling. Moreover, you can specifically feed other central systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or archiving systems (DMS) with data.

Your gain: ideal, company-specific workflows with minimal IT integration effort.

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Industry-Specific Add-Ons

Specific Add-On Solutions for Specific Domains

Lower costs, higher stability, sustainability: You need the advantages of standardized software in routing & scheduling and tour optimization, but you are not willing to forego flexibility. You are looking for a solution that provides optimum support for your company’s unique processes. Städtler solutions offer all of these. Examples in the following industry sectors:

Wholesale & Retail Industry

Routing & Scheduling for Wholesale & Retail Delivery

Fast goods flow and high price and quality pressure influence retail logistics. Numerous restrictions complicate tour optimization. For retail logistics, and specifically for food retailing, TRAMPAS offers a wide range of specialized features.
Guarantee of routine store deliveries according to order and delivery schedules with projection quantities

Calculation of required space according to order quantities

Timely scheduling by updating actual quantities during picking, based on projection quantities from previous deliveries

Integration of
Scheduling based on transport equipment, such as euro pallets, Dusseldorf pallets, roll con­tain­ers, thermal containers, etc.
Order scheduling using distri­bu­tion centers (cross docking)
Controlled temperature trans­ports: Refrigerated containers/vehicles with variable partitions and dif­fer­ent temperature zones
Scanner-supported loading and unloading

Furniture Industry

Transport Logistics for the Furniture Industry

For the contract manufacturers of the furniture industry, just-in-time production (JIT) is a tried and tested optimization concept for acquisition and goods logistics. By synchronizing transport and production capacities, warehouse stock that ties up capital and expensive storage space is reduced. Routing & scheduling with TRAMPAS supports these concepts and conveys suggested strategies from tour scheduling to production.

But TRAMPAS also shows its strength in serial production logistics.
Connection to telematics systems
Swap bodies and
special racks
Scheduling of transports and
on-site assembly, if necessary
Scanner-supported loading and unloading

Window & Door Manufacturing

Routing & Scheduling for the Window & Door Manufacturing Industry

Window and door manufacturing, as well as the manufacturing of facades and interior construction, have special requirements for logistics. As the leading solution for routing & scheduling, TRAMPAS has standard interfaces to ERP systems with industry layouts, like CANTOR for example, and thus ensures seamless integration.

Cash and Valuables Transport

Routing & Scheduling of Cash and Valuables Transport

Cash and valuables transport (CVIT) has extensive scheduling requirements. Complex pickup-and-delivery tours must be precisely organized and absolutely punctual for security reasons.

TRAMPAS takes into account industry-specific scheduling restrictions, such as limiting the total value according to the sum insured or client requirements for exclusive tours. Moreover, the distinction between two-person and three-person tours is taken into consideration during scheduling.
Operational scheduling, including orders on short notice
Calculative scheduling of tour scenarios for participation in tenders

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