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Optimize Your Transport: Use The Right Tools for Data, Statistics and Controlling

Your employees’ day-to-day tasks make an essential contribution to logistics control. They collect data and facts for orders, costs, transports, distances, weight, tariffs, and more. Correctly evaluated and interpreted, this data helps to optimize logistics processes, reduce costs and maximize your delivery reliability.

Städtler Logistik offers business intelligence and statistics tools that allow you to fully leverage your valuable data.


Get More Out of Your DataUse Tools for Logistics Controlling & Statistics

Städtler solutions are database-oriented. Statistical tools or business intelligence tools enable you to quickly and easily access this data.

SP2, our specialized solution for statistics and control in transport logistics, makes it even easier. No matter whether you use software solutions by Städtler or not: SP2 exploits the data collected from your operative logistics and assists you in analyzing your logistics data.

SP2 uses modern business intelligence (BI) techniques to perform multidimensional analyses of your data and helps you to find answers to the most diverse questions. Whether for price negotiations with service providers, logistics cost control, KPI reports for process control or as a foundation for investment decisions and process optimization – with SP2, your data becomes the basis for informed, sound decisions.
Detailed analyses
and reports

Summarization of data to informative
key performance indicators (KPIs)


Wide range of presentation options (tables, diagrams, map displays, etc.)

Modern software technology eliminates the need for any special programming for specific evaluations. Instead, it provides direct access to relational databases, and high transparency through strict separation of the data source, evaluation, and reports

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