How to optimize your shipping process

Optimize shipping processing, save costs and increase customer satisfaction - what it takes to achieve this

4 Min. readingtime  ·   05 July 2023
Christian Schneider, Head of Transport Management

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By optimizing their shipping processes, companies increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Discover how a modern shipping process improves your logistics and contributes significantly to the success of your company.


The most important facts at a glance:

  • Shipping processing is a large and central part of "logistics as a success factor"
  • The key to optimization is to reduce manual processes as much as possible and implement software-based processes.
  • In addition, there are further optimization options such as outsourced auditing.
  • • LP2 from Städtler Logistik offers shipping companies all the functions of a fully developed TMS (transport management system)

Every day in Germany alone, there are around 14 million shipments to 9 million recipients in the CEP sector (source: CEP Study 2023, Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik e. V. BIEK). B2C shipments account for the lion's share, but the figures are also exploding in the B2B sector.

In view of these figures, an error-free and well thought-out shipping organization is not only desirable, but essential for every retail company. It is the cornerstone for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What exactly do you mean by shipping processing?

The term shipping processing covers all steps from the completion of an order to delivery to the customer. If you want to improve this process, you should focus above all on clear and comprehensible procedures.

The more structured and organized your shipping process, the lower the administrative effort and the risk of errors. To achieve this, you should clearly prefer software-supported transport solutions to manual processes. By using modern logistics software, you improve communication between all parties involved and ensure efficient, trouble-free processes.

Why is it important to optimize the shipping process?

In our fast-moving global economy, your business needs flexible, agile and workable solutions. By optimizing your shipping operations, you can gain decisive advantages over your competitors and offer your products at competitive prices and grow loyalty. The top 3 reasons to optimize your shipping operations are:

  1. customer satisfaction

Optimal shipping processing leads directly to more satisfied customers. Reliable and transparent shipping processes strengthen customer loyalty and increase the chance that you will be recommended to others.

  1. cost saving

Avoid freight billing errors by streamlining your shipping operations and making more efficient use of your freight capacity. Use detailed statistics, benchmarks, and clear data to keep better track of expenses and ensure ongoing cost savings that benefit everyone.

  1. competitiveness

Make your company more robust and crisis-proof by creating agile response options to market fluctuations with IT-based solutions. In the event of supply bottlenecks or other industry-specific requirements, you can react more quickly to changes, audit with ease, and prevent major setbacks or chaos.

How to improve your shipping process

A transportation management system (TMS) is highly recommended for fluid, efficient shipping operations. Let the software calculate and manage freight costs and automate processes such as freight cost reimbursements. With a modern transportation management system, you minimize administrative work and free up space for other tasks that require manual intervention.

Automated or outsourced invoice verification using sophisticated software identifies discrepancies faster and more reliably than manual verification. You can also use databases to identify the most cost-efficient service providers for each job. All in all, access to relevant data is simplified, making it easier to calculate costs for transport orders and ultimately leading to cost savings.

Automate shipping processes to save time and costs

Optimizing shipping processing is a decisive factor if you want to reduce time and costs in your logistics. Time is money and the less time each step of the shipping process takes, the more you can save.

You might first consider automating your warehousing. Use current technologies such as automated sortation systems and robotics to increase delivery speed and reduce error rates and storage costs.

Avoid analog documentation as much as possible and finally go paperless. Digitizing shipping documents is a critical step in streamlining your shipping operations. Use digital tools to create, store, and manage shipping documents. Forward all relevant information via automated interfaces to minimize logistical administration.

You also benefit from increased traceability and transparency throughout the entire shipping process. You can retrieve the necessary information at any time without complex communication chains and easily provide your customers with information about the delivery status if required.

Shipping management as an important competitive factor

Shipping is a critical factor for efficiency, cost savings and customer satisfaction. By using modern, proven software solutions, you can accelerate the flow of data in logistics and benefit from numerous advantages. These include improved communication, flexibility in the event of unexpected changes, and significant cost reductions.

By optimizing and automating your shipping operations, you not only increase your company's efficiency and productivity, but also strengthen your overall competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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